We are using a rare quality to offer you unique and natural surfaces. Less than 10% of the worldwide produced leather is comparable to ours. We rely on the century-old technique of vegetal tanning.

FAULHABER PRODUCTS are made of high-quality vegetable tanned leather with a natural finish. We only use leather that is produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Our main partner is a small family-runned tannery in South of Germany, who offers full grain qualities and colours that are unique. Our vegetable leather is produced according to a centuries-old tradition since 1810 by Johannes and his great family.

Leather is one of the oldest human made materials. 

The tanning mainly consists of the tanning agent extract mimosa. Thanks to this natural power, it does not contain any heavy metals or toxics. Less than 10% of the leather produced worldwide is tanned naturally. Our natural leathers are surely free of AZO dyestuffs, formaldehyde and chrome VI.

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Tanning process: pits are full of hides

Back to the South of Germany: Johannes´recipe for vegetable tanning is obtained from the bark of mimosa, a type of acacia tree. The influence on the environment is very limited, cause the bark grows back very quickly. The mimosa tanning agent is „just“ mixed with other vegetable tanning agents such as chestnuts (wood extract) and oak (bark extract). This mixture is unique and a well kept family secret. All hides are pit tanned for more than a month. This enormous time effort allows the skins to create a durable surface. The full process from tanning to dyeing is made with unfiltered water from the Donau river. All in all the time is more decisive than the water consumption. This fact makes the vegetable tanned leather rare and expensive.

Every hide is unique; pores and grain give it its own very special character.

As a result the hides do not require any heavy finishings. Only smooth and open pore leathers are produced with this technique. Pores are the properties that determine in each case the texture of the surface. Every hide is truely unique. Its pores and grain lend it an own very special character. Scars and variations in colour can not be covered, which is a reason, why this method can only be used with raw materials of a high quality.


The raw material of the leather comes from animals reared for meat production in southern Germany, Austria and Swiss. The tannery works with surrounding farms, who work in accordence to the highest animal welfare standards. It is important to us that the animals aka our raws receive sufficient exercise, respect and attention, while growing to the precious material, called leather. This network between Johannes´tannery and the farmers exists now for several decades. Founded by his ancestors – a great legacy that should be preserved.

Just remember: Leather should not be toxic or harmful. It should be resistant and durable. One of the oldest human made materials on earth is used to fullfill our FAULHABER PRODUCTS with quality and joy. Our products are created to be your closest assistant, make it last. 

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