Sustainable and ethical values are the main pillars of our company. With high-quality materials, integrity and fairness we create more transparency. Time to talk about it.

At FAULHABER PRODUCTS we believe in taking environmental and social responsibility for our actions. This includes more than just making good products at the right price. We want to give a positive impulse to our consumers and the industry. We want to stop fashion to be the second largest polluter in this world. We want to set a new standard of quality. But how can we start to show, what we already did? What we are still doing? And what we will do in the future? It is an honor to us to show you in our stories more insights in our brand and highlight material and people behind.

environmental and social responsible = a new standard of quality

Since this year started to be one of the intensisest and 2020 life has taught us to be patient and frugal, we learned not to be thrifty with our sustainable and fair efforts. Positive and clear energy pumped through our veins. And here we are: creating a blog format to be more present and talk (ehhm, wright) about the responsible product processing we are doing. We want to tell you all about our ethical values, cause we have nothing to hide- but a lot to tell. We believe that knowledge will be the key to act consciously.

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Faulhaber Products LIF totebag with Melanie

As nature lovers, Marcel and I always wanted a conscious lifestyle but at the same time we wanted to create products that would make our lives better and make us look more beautiful. From the very beginning of FAULHABER PRODUCTS, sustainability was one of the main pillars on which we wanted to build our products. We equipped each bag with an individual serial number. This allows us to trace all the steps from the raw material to the final product. (If you already own a companion, you can request it´s certain supply chain here.)

We looked at nature and its own kind of art and I saw that we should try to merge fashion and nature. I have always regarded fashion as an external way of communicating inner feelings, like a visible voice. And I assigned it to art rather than consumption. And the nature itself provides us with the base for great materials. We “only” have to choose the best ones, the environmental friendly ones and most durable kinds of. Simply put, but the selection of materials and suppliers took almost a year before the first product was available. We selected our suppliers with most care, we visited about 10 tanneries before we found our dream supplier in the South of of Germany. The traditional tannery of Johannes and his family solely doing vegetable tanning. Read more about our leather in this article.

We believe that knowledge will be the key to act consciously.

As a small brand we have to deal with diverse tasks. Just doing good is not enough. We need attention and prove our sustainable mission. And at the same time we can not afford moneywise the sustainable trustworthy certifications like Fairtrade, Global Organic Standard (GOTS), Cradle to cradle and others. But we can visit and audit our suppliers to build up a strong and healthy relationship. Socialization felt better than purchasing a green label. Over the past 3 years we visited our production partners several times, we got to know them and their families. We created a code of conduct, that ensures that all the products we sell are produced responsibly. Do you want to dive into our production universe, you should read this article of one of the best leather craftman in the North of Portugal, please click here


In terms of transparency, every other single piece beside the product, no matter how small, must be considered. This includes: transport, CO2 emissions, packaging, the daily work in our Berlin studio and collaborations. Our custom packaging for example, is reusable and made from 99% unbleached paper in the North of Germany. We avoid plastic packaging and to lower our carbon footprint we are collecting all materials and products to sent by economy transports. Once more a huge invest of time. But as granny said: “Slowly but truely!”

Our strong focus on quality and integrity throughout the whole design and production process will never appear. We are always on the hunt for better solutions and materials. It will be an ongoing task to work sustainable. We want to talk about it at the same time. We want to exchange ideas and we will be more than happy, if you will join our journey. Please ask us all you want to know about our supply chain, we are just an email away. And do not forget: we are all humans, not perfect jet, but we work hard to create a greater life. I am creating products in a team. Products that can be considered to be your daily companion, forever – our quality for life.

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