What applies to shoes also works for handbags and backpacks: leather care keeps the leather smooth and makes it water-repellent. Follow our simple tricks to ensure that your leather companion will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

I am happy to share my knowledge and best tricks about leather care in this blogpost. Our bags are made of 100% vegetal tanned leather. It is a special and rare material, that is worth to care and keep for a life time. 

Leather is a natural product which never stops working.

Our natural leather simply works like your own skin. The more you wear and love it, the more it will become a part of your life and it will show the paths you walked. It is a material, that reacts to any external influences. Vegetal tanned leather gets even more interesting with age, acquires a unique patina over time and reflects your handling. This implies a careful and considerate interaction between you and your leather companion. The best care is a preventative care and leather care oil, to keep the leather smooth. Read some tricks below.

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Soft brush on vegetal tanned leather

We please you to obey some rules of care for your FAULHABER PRODUCTS:

1. Water

When your companion is wet, let it dry naturally. Do not wipe, especially suede leather! Do not use external heat to dry! Just in case you dab it with a dry, non colored cotton cloth. 

2. Earth

Please avoid prolonged contact with water, sun, heat and oily substances. You risk permanent and irreversible damages.

3. Hands

It is best to carry your handbag on your shoulder or in the crook of your arm rather than in your hand. The reason: hand cream (!), dirt and sweat. These substances are harmful in a long run and leave unwanted residues. These should be removed regularly with a mild leather soap. Do not forget to care for it afterwards.

4. Belongings

Please be mindful with lipsticks, ink or any other oil based products in your bag. The lining can be soiled. Our lining is made from 100% cotton or 100% linen to easy clean. Please put your staff in a seperate bag.

5. Storage

Your bag should be kept away from dust, when you are not using it. Dust can have a bad effect on leather and can dry it up. Keep your bag stored in a dust bag. Never storage your leather companion in a plastic bag or container because the condition can lead to discolor your bag.


Maintain your bag as your own skin. Slight scratches can be removed by a light massage with a cloth or with your finger tips. Just give it a soft touch and apply care products from time to time. We recommend quality leather oils or natural colored wax to refresh colors.

7. your Style

And last but not least your wardrobe: don’t wear light garments in combinition with new dark colored leather and the other way around. Clothes and leather both might tranfer color. Our suede is specially finished with oil to avoid color transferes, but there is still a risk left. When wearing suede try to match colors.

Maintain your leather product as your own skin. Leather needs cosmetics too!

Sometimes it happens, you have stained your leather bag. Outch!!! It is bad but not always worse. If the following tips won´t help: please contact us, we are happy to help and guide you to make your companion great again.

good care is the base of lang-lastancy
shop leather oil

It is all up to the kind of stain and the type of leather your bag is made of. Evey quality requires another kind of cleaning. Therfore we listed some typical cases for you:


If the bag has been slightly soiled, you can clean it. Remove the dirt with a very mild soap and a clean, moist cloth. Gently rub it, without scrubbing and let air dry for a few hours. Do not forget to apply care product after drying.

When the dirt is on suede leather, please rub the dirt with a brush. That´s it.


Dirt must be removed quickly, so as not to remove the natural protection of leather which could cause permanent damage.

Same process, as descirbed before. But you can also sprinkle the stain with “aluminum oxide” powder. You can dab off the fresh stains with a cloth without pressure, do not rub. the applyed cleaning powder can be tapped down with your finger. Let the clay powder work for a few hours or let it stand for a whole night so the powder absorb all the excess fat. Brush off the cleaning powder. If necessary, repeat the process. If the stain has not completely disappeared, it will be less and less visible as it acquires a unique patina over time.


Your jeans or your coat have stained on your bag. Not good at all and unfortunately irreversible on all types of leather!

Some clothes may transfer color pigments and make the leather get dirty, which is irreversible. You are advised not to wear clothes with colors that end to run (example: dark or bright denim).


There is nothing you can do, it is irreversible! Please contact us, we might have an idea to recolor or rework.

Faulhaber Products care oil on vegetal tanned leather

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